Everwebinar Trial Pricing Released (Full Details Below)

(Please Note: the Previous 60 Day Trial Offer Was Stopped from Everwebinar and this is the only available trial offer currently offered.) 

If you’ve been looking for an automated webinar software for a while, but the pricing was too high, then I just got wind that the makers of Everwebinar have created a trial offer.

How does the Everwebinar Trial Work?

It’s pretty simple.

They’ve created a 14 Day free trial for anyone that joins then it bills at the yearly pricing for their software.

If you’re ready to join go here to activate your free trial before it expires.

If you’ve not seen the Everwebinar demo, you can check it out below –

What are so great about Automated Webinars anyway?

If you’ve been marketing online for any amount of time, you know webinars work extremely well to educate your customers but also for increased conversions.

There’s never been a platform or tool for that matter that allows you to connect with your potential customers at one time than a webinar.

The most popular webinar service is probably GoToWebinar.

Picture this…

Being able to broadcast a presentation to your best clients, fans, and potential customers from all over the world.

All from a laptop in your home.

We take that concept and then we automate it.

Meaning, we simulate and achieve the same benefits of a regular webinar but instead it’s all done automatically.

That’s exactly what Everwebinar does.

Creating Your First Everwebinar

The process is pretty straightforward as you can see using their step by step wizard.


Everwebinar User Interface

We begin with the basic configuration for your webinar which involves the source for your webinar.

This is the video.

The recommended video service is Vimeo Pro

You can also use S3 or Youtube or you can use an existing Webinar Jam webinar.

Which brings me to the popular question…

Webinar Jam Vs Everwebinar?

Webinar Jam is the service used for creating live webinars that’s also created by Genesis Digital.  You can get all of the details of the Webinarjam Trial here.

Everwebinar is used for the automated webinar.

You do not need WebinarJam to make Everwebinar work.

As we mentioned earlier you can use Youtube, Amazon, or Vimeo as the source for your video.

The video must be in a mp4 file.

After you set your source of the video, it’s a matter of completing the remainder of the setup wizard with…

  • Your Presenter
  • The Schedules

Scheduling Your First Automated Webinar

There’s a variety of options for your scheduling including Just In Time Webinars.

This is a popular option because it allows your visitors to consume the webinar Just In Time.

After configuring your schedule, you’ll setup your Registration Optin Page.

There’s several built in optin pages to choose from that allows you to customize your pages the way you see fit.

The best part about this is you can sort based on the optin percentage as well as you can use your own designs, if you’re using something else like Clickfunnels or ThriveThemes.

Creating Everwebinar Thank You Pages

This is the one complaint I’ve seen among multiple Everwebinar users that I hope they change in the future.

It’s small but it is something that bugs me.

Currently you’re unable to redirect to a custom url.

Instead, you’re required to use one of their built in templates which look fine, it’s just a personal preference where I’d like to redirect to my own thank you pages.

The Webinar Options

This is where the software get’s really interesting.

You’ve got the ability to simulate a live webinar with chat or you can just include a question box.

In addition you can present offers and special messaging at various points of the webinar.

Think of this like you have the ability to present special offers that are limited timed during your presentation.

Built In Replay Option

After the webinar is over, you have the ability to send out a replay automatically.

No extra work, simply just click to enable it and add the follow up replay email.

Everwebinar Notifications

Lastly, Everwebinar allows you to take full advantage with their Notification sequences.

So you can use the pre-webinar email templates to build up the anticipation for your webinar, set reminder emails to go out the day before, an hour before and last minute reminders that go out 15 minutes before your webinar.

Then, you have the follow up email that’s sent with your replay link.

Plus, you have the option to integrate with your Twilio account to send out SMS reminders for your webinar.

Ready to Join?

It’s free for 14 days, then rebills at just $497 per year, plus you’ve got a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

This gives you the ability to get everything setup and running and start profiting from your webinar before you have to invest anything.

Go Here to Activate Your Free Trial Today.


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