Webinarjam Free Trial – 45 Days for Only $1 Plus Pricing, Review, and Demo

If you’ve been searching for a webinar software that has the live capability with great quality, but thought it was too expensive, then you’ll be happy to know the makers of Webinarjam just revealed a limited, special 14 Day Free Trial Pricing option.

If you’re ready to join with the active 14 day free trial, then Click Here To See If There Are Still Trial Spots Available.

(Please note, the previous 60 day trial option has expired and the current 14 day trial option listed is the only current offer available and we have it here.)

How does the Webinarjam Trial Work?

It’s pretty straightforward.

You get to test the full version of the software for the next 14 days, then it rebills at the annual discounted rate of just $499 per year.

As I said, this is for a limited time, so I’m not sure how long this special backdoor 14-day trial price will last.

If you’ve not seen the full demo, then check out the Webinarjam Review video below

Why Are Webinars Important for Digital Marketing?

For those that may be looking at building a webinar marketing campaign you may be wondering – why should I even look at this as an option? It allows you to conduct your own virtual seminar that you can use for training your staff or to get new customers.

The Webinarjam software allows you to capitalize on the power of webinars without a huge expense.

When comparing Webinarjam with GotoWebinar, Webinarjam is a fraction of the price with similar features and ease of use.

Is this Webinarjam Free Trial Legit? What’s the Webinarjam Pricing Afterward?

Aside from the Webinarjam free trial, the pricing options is very competitive and one of the most sought after platforms for those needing live webinar capabilities with a live room that includes, chat, followups, and email reminders all built into one software.

The pricing is based on what your current needs are for your webinar business as you can see below with the basic plans starting at only $499 per year that has many claiming this is the best webinar software on the market.

Webinarjam Pricing Breakdown

  • Basic Plan is $1 for 14 Days then $499 per year.

You can host unlimited webinars with up to 2 presenters and a 4 hour max and 5000 webinar attendees.

  • Professional Plan is $1 for 14 days then $699 per year.

You can host unlimited webinars with up to 6 presenters and a 3 hour max and 2000 webinar attendees.

Plus, you get their built in Panic room feature and Always on Live room.

  • Enterprise Plan is $1 for 14 days then $999 per year.

You can host unlimited webinars with up to 4 presenters and a 3 hour max and 2000 attendees.

Plus, you get their built in Panic room feature, Always on Live room and the Control Room.

Is The Webinarjam Free Trial for You?

It’s only $1 to get started and being able to access the full webinar platform.

When you activate your trial, you’ll have full access to the software to create and use at your disposal.

That means you get 14 days to put the software to use so you can begin turning a profit before you even have to pay for it.

Once the 14 days is up, you’ll be billed the annual rate of $499 per year, which is a fraction of other webinar providers.

Plus you’ll have an additional 30 day money back guarantee to put it to the test so you literally have nothing to lose by testing the platform.

Click here to see if there are still Trial Spots Available

Can You Use Webinarjam to Make Money Before Investing In the Annual Price?

One of the biggest goals for most business owners as well as those that are just starting out on the web is to turn a profit as soon as possible.

That’s why using Webinarjam’s pricing options gives you an advantage because you can invest and get access to the full platform including all of the bonuses for only $1.

You’ve got a two weeks to make this profitable before your annual investment is due.

And an additional 30 days as part of their money back guarantee.

That means you have 45 days to fully test the software and start profiting from webinars before paying the $499 yearly fee.

The Advantage to Using Webinars

The great advantage is speed.

You can roll out a webinar and start turning a profit that same day.

You don’t need a product and although a mailing list makes it easier and definitely helps – it’s not always required.

Here’s how to make money using Webinarjam’s Free Trial

It really is easier than you may think.

  1. For starters, map out a table of contents for an information product on what you’re wanting to build.

This can be done in a matter of a couple of hours.

If you’re not wanting to create a product, there are thousands of products to choose from you can promote as an affiliate marketer where you promote other people’s products for a percentage of the sale.

Most digital products are 30%-75% in commission and many can be found at sites like

2. Next, run an email campaign to your list promoting your webinar.

If you don’t have an email marketing list, then now is the time to start building from running simple ads through Google, Youtube, and Facebook.

Inside these ads, you’ll be sending them directly to your webinar registration page provided by Webinarjam.

Inside Webinarjam, you’ll want to also connect your webinar with your email marketing service so you can collect the leads to mail them again later.

3.  Conduct your sales webinar and make an offer for the product you mapped out in step 1.

For those that buy the product, on the Thank You page and email follow up, send them an email directing them to register for your members-only webinar.

This second webinar is where you’ll create the product “live”.

4. Now that your product is created, you have an asset that you can continue to market it in the future.

You can continue to sell this new product to new subscribers and once you have it dialed in, consider creating an Evergreen campaign using Webinarjam’s sister product called Everwebinar.

5. Continue to mail the non-buyers.

Let’s face it – when you sell from a webinar, you’ll have 90-95% of the people that don’t buy.

Only 40-50% of those that register will even show up.

That means you can find ways to continue to market additional products, affiliate products, services, and even coaching into your follow up email campaigns.

Final Conclusion

The webinar subscriber is more valuable than those that are signing up for a cheat sheet or freebie.

The reason?  They know there will be a pitch at the end and chances are they’re looking to buy.

That means you can use webinars

  • To sell your own products and services
  • Build Your Email List
  • Deliver your product
  • Provide Group Coaching services

We highly recommend Webinarjam because it’s packed with tons of features and comes with a simple, easy to use dashboard so you can get up and running in no time.

Plus, their limited time special offer of a full 14-day trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee makes this a no brainer.

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